<n3tg0d> has /usr/bin/emacs been put into /etc/shells yet? :P

“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do”

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HAL couldn’t have said it better. Its obvious to the few people that actually read my site that I don’t update it as often as I should nor do I really use any of the hosting I’m paying for. So I’ve decided to partner up with noobnl, famed Samsung Android Rom developer, to host everything related to the Epic 4G. The page with all of his and his teams work can be found here.

I’ve setup an entire sub domain (android.stolenrobot.com) to deal specifically with things related to Android development. For now the page just says a simple “Hello” but hopefully in the future it will contain additional information, resources and maybe other Rom development projects.

So whats happening to Stolen Robot? Nothing at the moment. I still have writers block and have yet to really finish anything worthy of posting but that could change at any time. None of the people who said they were going to write anything for the site have submitted anything as of yet but hey, that too could also change at anytime. Will there be updates? Yes. When will we see them? Who knows.

If you have a college degree you can be absolutely sure of one thing… you have a college degree

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So I’ve just wrapped my first semester at a community college and the experience was rather different from the normal four year school I was kicked out off.

My first week I thought was going to die. The level of skill and knowledge of the students in my classes were like a horrible splatter painting: All over the place with no clearly visible pattern. I’m not saying I’m some sort of genius because as much as many of my friends like to say I am I promise you I’m not. (My knowledge is like a huge piece of Swiss cheese; lots of material but holes all over the place). Most of these students seemed like they had finished their sophomore year or high school and gone straight to college. What I came to realize was that I was fortunate enough to go to a really good high school where as most of these kids went subpar schools or they didn’t speak English well enough to express themselves. However as time progressed I did witness some of these kids come out of their shells and shine at least once.

The other thing I noticed is that the bar and level of expectations of the majority of professors is rather low. At first this was a bit bothersome but I realized that this works to my advantage. People love to see improvement so all I pretty much have to do is stay silent for the first few weeks and then gradually start participating more and bingo it looks like I’m actually learning.  So far this has worked rather well given that I have taken similar courses in the past. The work load in a lot of cases is actually less than the load I was used to in high school which reduces the amount of stress I have outside of school as well as increase my free time. Aside from the lack of intellectual stimuli in some of my classes I am rather happy with that’s required of me. I’ve never liked having to take school home with me at the end of the day but because of the light workload I can usually finish most assignments in my gabs between classes.

In the end I’m happier than I thought I would be even if I feel like the odd person in class.

Woah dude its a Chick!

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Rosanna is so darn cute isn't she?

Well well people said I don’t write enough so the problem has been solved by me inviting people to write on the site. She might not be a failed engineer but she claims to think like I do. So lets give a warm tent in your pants welcome to Rosanna!

Hopefully she will bring something to the site that I don’t that will cause a spike in readers. God knows we need them

“If you see a suspicious package or activity on the platform or train, do not keep it to yourself”

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There are just some things people should not do on the train. I’ve seen people yelling on their cell phones about how they’re pregnant with someone other than their husband’s child. While that’s more than enough information to blackmail someone for life how about when people decide to read their credit card statements out loud? And people wonder why their identities get stolen.

Sharing of personal information aside one should be aware of their physical actions. Some things are obvious such as picking your nose or scratching ones genitals. How about when someone decides to clip their nails? It’s disgusting to watch someone with nails that look like they belong in Jurassic Park decide to clip then and then let the clippings go flying all over the train. Working out is another one of these annoying things. I can’t begin to tell you how stupid a person can look when they think they can show off by doing pull-ups on the poles.  Some things are best left to be done in private.

Another common thing that I’m sure nearly everyone does is listen to or watch something on their MP3 players while riding on the train. The common annoying thing that people do is simply having the volume up to high and bothering those around them. Have you ever thought to consider that maybe you should be more concerned about the content? Watching porn on the train is a no-no. No matter how hard a person tries to hide it, someone is going to catch them based on those moaning noises emanating from the porn watchers headphones. Ones selection in music can also send a mixed message to those around them. I’ll never forget my own personal experience when I sat next to a little old white man on the train listening to death metal. I was puzzled to say the least, especially when I noticed that he was wearing women’s shoes. Now I’m not saying that one should change their subway playlist. I just feel that maybe you should keep the volume down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an important message from the New York City Police Department. Keep your belongings in sight at all times. Protect yourself. If you see a suspicious package or activity on the platform or train, do not keep it to yourself. Tell a Police Officer or an MTA employee. Remain alert and have a safe day

Feel free to post your own mass transit annoyances in the comments

Because No One Asked And I Feel Like Sharing: My TV Setup

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I don’t know if this will become a trend post wise but we all have things we’re proud of and I figured I would share my TV setup with the very few people who read my blog. I’ll try and give a little background on each piece of equipment and skip over some of the little things like audio switches and power strips.


Sharp LC-32GP3U-B

There were four main reasons I selected this TV when I purchased it a little over a year ago:

  • Its 1080P
  • Has lots of inputs
  • Has VYPERDRIVE, which is a fun name for technology that all but eliminates processing delays
  • And finally it’s all I had space for

This at the time was by no means a cheap TV given that I paid $1,200 for it (which was about $400 less than most places were selling it for). It has been able to handle everything I have played on it beautifully and the VYPERDRIVE works pretty much as advertised with the only delay being the refresh rate of the TV itself. The only pet peeve I have with the Sharp is that I cannot get it to remember my devices names. I can’t stand having things with generic labels or just “Input 5” on my onscreen display. Grr

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Boxes. Lots of Boxes…

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So its the winter time. Time for me to do my annual go through shit and throw it away phase. I’ve been living in my current apartment for almost two years and I have yet to finish unpacking. I’ve come to the rather logical conclusion that if I haven’t needed to open these boxes in two years it’s probably safe for me just to throw them out. So I decided to crack a few open yesterday and found a few surprises:

  • A birthday card from a former stalker
  • A five year old condom
  • 20something floppy discs full of old school work
  • Used shotgun shells
  • And a sock

Everything else was pretty much trash.

What will I find next? God only knows but I’ll keep you all posted.

Technical Support

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CallcentreI recently had to make a call to technical support for a product I recently purchased. Surprisingly it went very well and to be honest I am still in shock as to how well it went.

After dialing the number I was greeted with the typical “Thank You for calling company X. For English Press 1…” After choosing my language I was immediately put into the cue and the phone was answered before the music could even start playing. Initially because I heard an American talking and begin to speak very clearly I assumed it was one of those typical “We’re experiencing a high volume of calls” message but no, it was an actual person. I can’t remember the last time I spoke to a technical support representative in the US (let alone one who spoke very clearly). So after explaining my situation we began to dig into it and the rep actually spoke freely about my situation. Most of the time I am used to hearing scripted dialogs and responses but it was rather pleasant to hear a person go “Damn that sucks. I’m going to try my best to help you even if my company can’t resolve it.” What? You’re actually going to really help me? Taking what was said with a rather large grain of salt we moved on to collecting my information and outlining my options. The rep promised that he would email me and call me the next day sometime after his shift started. Once again having heard this before I figured it would be another rep who would call me and it would be some sort of computer generated email response. Wrong. The next day I get a phone call while at work and guess who it is? It’s the same rep from the day before. Not only that, but he had kept his word about sending me a personal email outlining what he had learned and what could be done about my situation. I was VERY pleased with the level of service I received from the company but I was not pleased with the outcome.

Strike One: Unfortunately my device had been sold to me by an unauthorized reseller. The company whose product it was actually looked the other way because they said their goal was to have satisfied customers and there would be a strong likelihood it could still be replaced.

Strike Two: My device passed the one year warranty. Once again the company said that manufacture date has nothing to do with purchase date therefore that wouldn’t be a problem depending on the condition.

Strike Three: My device had arrived broken. And I mean broken. Not only that but my unit had been used, repackaged and sold as “New OEM” (which is a term I had only seen used with computer parts). This sadly was the final straw where they apologized and said they would be unable to replace it.

I wasn’t mad at the manufacture, I was mad at the seller. My rep however did give me all the information reguarding my case in the event that the vendor didn’t want to give me a refund. He said if there was a problem to let them know and they would help me deal with it. And you know what? For once I believe them.

In case you were wondering, what I purchased was a Jawbone bluetooth headset made by Aliph and the company I ordered it from was Woot.com. Woot never fessed up to lying about the item description or that they knowingly shipped out broken units. Instead Woot issued this statement on their forums:

A little explanation: these headsets were sold New, OEM which suggests that they were more than likely repackaged. They’ve also been sitting in a warehouse (warehouses?) so they may have accumulated some dust, grime or random miscellanea. To OUR knowledge, they are new, never used. If yours is- please email service@woot.com and we’ll research your case, offer what we can, BUT we do not have replacements to send.

Before we sold them on Woot (and after Sellout), one of our minions went out and checked through a couple pallets of those suckers. His report was hopeful: some were dusty, some were scratched, but they all looked new. Not that it means there weren’t some crappy ones in there, but we felt good about selling these guys.

If y’all are having technical problems, you probably shouldn’t email us first. We’re geeks, sure, but we don’t know all the intricacies of every one of our products. You can visit Jawbone support, troubleshoot with them and then let us know what’s up. It sounds like Jawbone’s being excellent with some of our customers, and though this isn’t a formal recommendation, you may want to check with them first to see what they can do, who knows, right? But you do have a Woot warranty, and we will honor it as stated in our Very Important Policies and Procedures found under “What is Woot?” and the Woot Warranty hyperlink on the Jawbone entry.

So to sum up. Thank you to Aliph for trying your best and fuck you Woot for lying and refusing to pay for return shipping so I can get some kind of refund.

The Vow is Broken

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Gotta Start Writing Again!

Gotta Start Writing Again!

Alrighty aside from getting things like a netbook I now have a Palm Pre which gives me no excuse not to update my blog. So here goes nothing, the vow is broken, I am silent no more.

Life over the last few months have been interesting. I haven’t really been motivated to start writing again until a few people who I don’t really know said I looked like a writer. In this case I figured that if I look the part I might as well play it. Once I get the writer in me going its hard to make him shut the fuck up but at the same token it is Very Very hard to get that ball rolling. I’ve made countless little seeds that I haven’t really had the motivation to develop fully. I would love to see them bloom and spark discussions but unless I get some people to read my damn blog I guess I will be the only one enjoying them.

I need to write. I want to write. I will write.

Please if there’s anyone out there in the interwebs leave a comment.


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So yeah as of late there haven’t been many updates due in large part to my own laziness. The past two numberswiki.com

weeks have been very interesting to say the least which should in turn lead to steady flow of new content.

“You can’t always get what you want”

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Jesus I am going NUTS trying to find a theme I actually like for this site.

I Keep having issues with these “free” themes which more or less are just billboards for the author. I don’t mind giving credit where credit is due but when the ads overshadow the content of the blog I don’t see much point in using the theme. For some people who have a better understanding of CSS than more info

I do this wouldn’t be a problem. All one has to do is delete the bits of code they don’t want and then remove references to it in the main css files. I have no idea how to do this and its driving me nuts.

Anyway I’m still working out all the bugs right now in finding something that works but I will be sure to get a normal post up by tomorrow.